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Teaching American History (TAH) Evaluation 2011 RFP & Grant Application Tips
As evaluators for over 50 Teaching American History (TAH) grants over the last decade, we’ve learned a lot.  The most successful TAH grants, in our experience, put time and effort into an evaluation plan well before the grant begins.  Evaluation planning sessions provide an ordered way for you to think through how best to structure your grant.  Whether or not you ask your evaluator to assist you with a needs assessment, you should be able to clearly articulate why your district needs a Teaching American history grant and how your particular grant proposal will directly address those needs.

When you consider how best to measure the success of your grant with an evaluation plan, you will be forced to think through the relationship between your overall goals and the various pieces and structure of your grant proposal. This is a healthy exercise that can only strengthen your grant writing and content.

As you think through how best to structure your grant and work with your partners to plan the content of your professional development program, remember that evaluation is a required part of the grant.  It shouldn’t be an afterthought.  The best evaluation plans are integrated into the program itself throughout the life of the grant.  This way, not only will you be able to provide the results of the performance measures the Department of Education requires every year, but you will also be able to work in benchmarks that can assist you in managing the grant.

Remember too that any evaluation component you add into the grant application will become a promise to the Department of Education should your grant application be accepted.  The evaluation should be realistic, yet rigorous.

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As a special service to Teaching American History grant clients, we will assist in designing and writing the evaluation portion of your Teaching American History grant application free of charge. We will consult with you and design and administer a needs assessment instrument as well as a plan to directly address the competitive preference priorities. The clock is ticking: call us today to get started! Call (570) 744-1618 or email

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