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GEI's CEO has directed evaluation of national, state and local enforcement initiatives, served as a peer reviewer for U.S. Department of Justice grants, and provided consulting and training programs for the Drug Enforcement Administration.

There are a wide variety of evaluation needs in the legal and criminal justice fields. You may be seeking to develop an evaluation plan for a non-profit in the legal field, be it a community coalition building effort or a sustained attempt to promote or protect legal policies.You might be seeking an evaluator for Drug Court or Second Chance grants from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) or Weed and Seed grants from the Community Capacity Development Office (CCDO). Call us and we'll let you know how our network of experts can help you.

GEI’s CEO oversaw all drug enforcement funding and programs for a large midwestern state and directed evaluation of national, state and local enforcement initiatives. Recognition of his work is reflected in awards from the U.S. National Guard, National Merit of Honor; a DEA Drug Enforcement Administration Award, an Attorney General Achievement Certificate for Outstanding Service, and a State of Michigan Certificate of Special Tribute.

GEI’s evaluation team can draw from a national network of both evaluation experts and experienced former prosecutors, police, federal agents, and intelligence officers as needed. GEI works with grant program leaders to develop and implement a rigorous and effective evaluation design that exceeds funding requirements, documents project impact, and provides useful data to inform ongoing decision-making and enhance outcomes.

GEI’s extensive law enforcement and homeland security related experience includes:

  • Drug Enforcement – GEI performed comprehensive evaluation research on the impact of drug enforcement in the United States related to law enforcement, border enforcement and seizures, prosecution, prisons, probation and the judiciary.
  • Enforcement, Prosecution, Judiciary and Corrections – GEI’s CEO established state grant guidelines and evaluation criteria for local agency grants and programs and set up paperless reporting system and evaluation procedures and conducted agency evaluation review for competitive grant funding for a broad range of law enforcement programs ranging from strike force teams to drug courts.
  • DARE and Safe School/Healthy Students – Designed evaluation proposal for major urban safe schools/healthy students grant and CEO oversaw community and enforcement partnerships and conducted review of DARE evaluation research.
  • Community Policing and Weed and Seed – GEI’s CEO helped establish original Weed and Seed program criteria. and established community policing grant and evaluation criteria.
  • Impact and Implementation of Enforcement Laws – GEI’s CEO developed evaluation for a multi state civil RICO review, and developed and wrote more than 40 state and federal statutes. He appeared on Larry King Live! to discuss a unique civil liability for drug dealer law.

GEI can meet your evaluation design challenges and produce clear data, research, and results to provide accountability, improve project outcomes, and document success.