We have experience with drug and alcohol prevention, youth and community development programs from nearly every angle. From our experience with everything from Too Smart to Start grants to national and international evaluation of non-profit programs such as PRIDE Youth Programs, we are well qualified to assist you with your evaluation needs.

Prevention program evaluation requires unique expertise and adaptability – after all, demonstrating that an initiative caused something NOT to happen is a challenge! GEI’s CEO Bob Peterson has 25 years experience with youth prevention, directing federal drug free school programs, establishing funding RFP and review criteria, setting evaluation requirements, training schools and communities, developing comprehensive international, national and state prevention strategies, evaluating public and non-profit prevention initiatives, and leading youth to youth prevention training teams throughout South America.

From designing Safe School/Healthy Student evaluations to evaluating the national and international impact of the nation’s largest youth to youth prevention program to detailed eco-mapping of a county’s school-community interaction and communication on behalf of youth, GEI has the experience and experts needed to meet evaluation requirements and demonstrate project impact.

GEI can document the impact of your program on improving the school-community environment by reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factor to make it conducive to learning and to the positive development of youth. GEI can assess youth needs and the school-community climate and measure the impact of your safe school projects, drug, alcohol, tobacco and violence prevention programs and positive school-community initiatives (such as after-school hours, mentoring, parent and peer outreach, and career development).

GEI teams with you to develop and implement a rigorous and effective evaluation design that exceeds funding requirements, documents project impact, and provides useful data to inform ongoing decision-making and enhance outcomes.

GEI’s extensive prevention and positive youth development experience includes:

GEI can meet your evaluation design challenges and produce clear data, research, and results to provide accountability, improve project outcomes, and document success.